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Understanding Today’s Game as a Senior Bowler

Whether you’re a senior just getting back into the sport of bowling, or a senior who has bowled through all the changes the game has offered, we’ll get you set up with what you need to know to remain competitive. What’s Changed Short answer: everything. The lane surface, bowling ball surface, lane transition and how…

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Getting the Right Ball in Your Hand

When you walk into your pro shop and see the overwhelming options of bowling balls hanging on the wall, have you ever asked yourself why there so many to choose from? There are three types of bowling balls used in today’s game: plastic, urethane and reactive. Let’s go through each one and talk about how…

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5 Ways Lefties are Feeling Left Out

Like drummers in a band, left handed bowlers often find themselves the punch line of many jokes. Put this one in the win column lefties, this article is for you! Reversing Instruction Instruction for bowling is generally geared toward right-handed bowlers with a caveat that the left-handed bowler should just reverse what is being said.…

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5 Tips to Get the Proper Bowling Ball Fit

Does your ball fit you correctly? It might not be something you’ve thought of before, but getting the proper bowling ball fit is an important ingredient to your success. Here are some tips to make sure your bowling ball fits: 1. Check your thumb You want your thumbhole to feel loose, but it needs to…

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