Advanced Bowling Techniques DVD

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DVD: Advanced Bowling Techniques

Generally, a bowler’s troubles can be traced back to the first step in the approach. We’ll explain what to look for in the beginning, and throughout the approach, that will lead to better results on the score sheet. Where to start on the lane, finding the break point and adjusting to changing lane conditions are explained for three different categories of bowlers, Stroker, Tweaner and Cranker. You’ll be able to identify and relate with the style of bowler you are, and instantly begin seeing results. Spare shooting techniques with unique drills will keep you filling frames and adding pins to your average. Finally, exercise routines for warming up and cooling down will prepare you for your first shot of practice and also help you properly shut your body down after your league or tournament. 61 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Stance
  • Start, Pushaway & Swing
  • Finish Position
  • Release
  • Finding Break Point
  • Where to Start on the Lane
  • Adjusting to the Changing Lane Conditions
  • Basic System (3-6-9) Moving Right
  • Basic System (3-6-9) Moving Left
  • Basic System (3-6-9) Using a Plastic Ball
  • Low Ball
  • Washouts
  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Visualizing Your Shot
  • Ball Motion
  • Ball Types: Cover & Core
  • Surface Management
  • Maintenance, Shoes & Accessories
  • Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Release Drills at Home