Approach, Release & Warm Up with Richard Shockley Video Download


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Video Download: Approach, Release & Warm Up with Richard Shockley

In this video download, Richard Shockley demonstrates what makes up the release and how to improve it for better consistency. He’ll identify common bowling problems and provide advice on how to repair the issues.

Richard provides a unique perspective into the stance and push away. The weight of the ball needs to be positioned properly and Richard explains how to do this while showing what can happen if it isn’t. His explanation on knee continuation will go a long way to better understanding the need for slide in your finish position and how you can adapt this into your game. 24 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Release Drills
  • Stance & Push Away
  • Knee Continuation
  • Ball Weight in Stance
  • Warm Up Drill
  • Walk Direction