Arm Swing, Fit & Release with Ron Hoppe (DVD + Download)

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Bundle: Arm Swing, Fit & Release with Ron Hoppe (DVD + Download)

Coach Ron Hoppe, out of Burlington, WA, in partnership with Hayle’s Pro Shop, provides invaluable insight into the drilling of a bowling ball.

Without proper fit, a bowler will likely compensate improperly in other areas of their game. Hoppe discusses what to look for when approaching a pro shop to get the best fit possible.

Video coaching has never been easier for today’s bowler, and Hoppe will demonstrate how you can record yourself with any device and analyze every facet of your game, frame by frame.

PLUS, you’ll receive this video in both DVD and download form. This way, you can save the instruction on any device you wish, and watch it anytime, anywhere! 56 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Common Issues
  • Arm Swing
  • Arm Swing Tool
  • Video Coaching
  • Spine Tilt Throughout the Approach
  • Timing
  • Thumb Timing
  • Ball Fit