The Ball, The Lane & Targeting with Kegel Training Center Video Download


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Video Download: The Ball, The Lane & Targeting with Kegel Training Center

VP of Kegel Training Center and Head Coach of Webber Bowling Del Warren works with Head Coach of Webber’s Women’s team Randy Stoughton to share their years of experience and cutting edge technology in this video download.

The playing field in bowling is the lane. Before you even throw a ball there are variables that you’ll need to understand to ensure success.

The Kegel Training Center’s technology will show you the differences between lane surfaces, topography and lane oils that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Oil patterns are provided on a lane sheet that can be overwhelming at first glance. The coaches simplify the sheet and give you the next steps in ball prep to match up quicker and make you more competitive.

Three-point targeting will challenge you to look at targeting in a whole new way from the traditional targeting that has been taught for decades. 41 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • How to Read a Lane Sheet
  • Different Oils
  • Ball Prep
  • Topography
  • Three Point Targeting