Ball Motion & Layouts Video Download


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Video Download: Ball Motion & Layouts

This video download will prepare you to play any lane condition that can be thrown at you. The coaches demonstrate how to play a short, medium and long pattern with three different style bowlers.

You can select the type of bowler that relates to your style, and learn how to play challenging patterns.

EARL, an automated robot that is accurate within an 1/8th of a board, demonstrates ball motion with different pin placements and surface adjustments.

Every bowler wants more RPM’s, and our coaches show you what is and isn’t possible when attempting to get more. 48 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Creating Proper Ball Motion: Short Pattern
  • Creating Proper Ball Motion: Medium Pattern
  • Creating Proper Ball Motion: Long Pattern
  • Demonstration with EARL
  • How to Get More RPM’s