Bowling: Inside and Out 5-Video Set (DVD + Download)

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5-Video Set: Bowling: Inside and Out (DVD + Download)

You’ll receive expert instruction from multiple coaches in this 5-DVD set. Our coaches will have you striking faster and more often – ultimately increasing your average. This set will dissect every last detail the modern game has to offer. Slowing the game down and focusing on each individual phase will give you the know-how to move forward in today’s game.

This set has over 4 hours of of instruction! PLUS, you’ll receive this video set in both DVD and download form. This way, you can save the instruction on any device you wish, and watch it anytime, anywhere!

Videos included in this set:

Advancing Your Bowling Performance – 63 minutes

Maximizing performance requires breaking down the game and approaching it a little differently. In this video, you’ll learn some unorthodox drills that demonstrate creative ways to get a unique feel to the game. Arm swing is a common problem among bowlers. We’ll explain what it is and how to fix common problems.

The need to post shots gives us information that we may otherwise never see. Here, you’ll see all the different reasons why posting the shot is so important and how to improve in this area. There are a number of things you can do to increase your scores at your next tournament. From practice to equipment preparations, we’ll have you prepared for your next tournament. Finally, there are so many different ways to get 10 in the pit. Different styles from around the world will demonstrate how every corner of the globe gets it done.

Fine Tuning Your Game to Remain Competitive – 63 minutes

Keeping up with ever-changing lane conditions and patterns is one of the most difficult aspects of the game. You’ll learn how to become more versatile and how to adapt to these conditions.

Plus, from your head to your toes, you’ll learn how biomechanics influence ball motion and how to make adjustments necessary for success. How your hand feels in the bowling ball is also important. If it’s off even slightly, other areas in your game will try to overcompensate resulting in unintended problems.

Drift is a common problem for bowlers. We’ll explain the difference between it and lateral movement. And, identifying what the track line on your ball is will tell you what kind of bowler you are. Knowing what type of bowler you are gives you a more specific path to success.

Expert Instruction for Enhancing Your Game – 63 minutes

Timing in bowling is the synchronization of your footwork and swing. Every player has their own unique timing. In this video, coaches overview how timing in today’s game is defined and compare it to previous teachings.

The most practiced area in bowling today is the release. You’ll learn four different releases that provide options to play changing lane condition, while providing drills you can do at home to increase your consistency.

Finally, a sports psychologist helps train your mind to identify your “Autograph Shot.” He’ll guide you through quieting your mind while letting your training take over in the most crucial moments of your game or tournament.

Accuracy, Ball Speed & Release – 32 minutes

Frank Buffa, covers the essentials all bowlers look for when working to improve, including release versatility. Release versatility is the changing of hand positions to achieve more or less hook. Buffa explains how to use different hand positions to achieve different outcomes based on what the lane gives you.

Ball speed and loft are other variables a bowler should use to adjust to lane transition. Buffa demonstrates how and when to use these tools, gives you drills and insight to improve accuracy.

Grip Pressure, Drills & Spares with Bill Spigner – 33 minutes

Bill Spigner demonstrates the importance of proper fit in today’s game. There are many different tape products on the market for placement in a ball and/or on your hand. Spigner explains how to properly use each application.

In addition, Spigner shows proper technique for upper body alignment throughout the approach and finish position, and the importance of keeping balance throughout.Spares are vital for average improvement and Spigner provides instruction for everyday practice to achieve more left and right side spare conversions.