Common Issues, Lane Play & Technique Video Download


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Video Download: Common Issues, Lane Play & Technique

No matter your skill level or average, every bowler gets a hitch in his or her game from time to time. The coaching staff identifies commonly reported issues and shares them with you in this video download.

Our coaches map out the house shot on a lane and provide three different styles of bowler that demonstrate multiple ways to play it. Think you’ve mastered the house shot? Get tips to play outside of your comfort zone, ultimately gaining better precession when stepping up to tournament conditions.

With all the variables that go into your game, buying the proper equipment can be confusing. Matching up your bowling ball arsenal to the style or technique you posses is covered and simplified. 56 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Lane Play: Playing The House Shot
  • Matching Up Arsenal to Technique
  • Using Tape & Wrist Supports
  • Dealing with Knee Pain
  • Ball Speed
  • Pulling The Ball
  • Number of Balls
  • Ball Maintenance
  • Common Issues for the League Bowler