Complete Game Improvement 5-Video Set (DVD + Download)

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5-Video Set: Complete Game Improvement (DVD + Download)

This 5-video set will help you take your game to the next level. You’ll train your physical and mental game, which will prepare you for any situation the lanes throw your way. You’ll read the lanes quicker, which will have you striking more often and ultimately increasing your average in competition and league. This is a must-purchase for bowlers looking to take the next step in their game.

This set contains more than 4 hours of great tips and techniques to help you succeed. PLUS, you’ll get these 5 videos in both DVD and download form with your purchase. This way, you can save the instruction on any device you wish, and watch it anytime, anywhere!

Self-Evaluation & Drills – 56 minutes

Mike Dias is a PBA member and owner of the Coach’s Corner based out of the greater Denver, CO area. In this DVD, Dias shares his Bowler Assessment Training Form that includes identifying your profile as a bowler. This will give you the edge to matching up on changing lane conditions. It also provides a great practice regiment that will lead to more precision and accuracy. Dias also provides drills from start to finish on the approach including pushaway, arm swing and release.

Advanced Bowling Techniques – 61 minutes

Generally, a bowler’s troubles can be traced back to the first step in the approach. We’ll explain what to look for in the beginning, and throughout the approach, that will lead to better results on the score sheet. Where to start on the lane, finding the break point and adjusting to changing lane conditions are explained for three different categories of bowlers, Stroker, Tweaner and Cranker. You’ll be able to identify and relate with the style of bowler you are, and instantly begin seeing results. Spare shooting techniques with unique drills will keep you filling frames and adding pins to your average. Finally, exercise routines for warming up and cooling down will prepare you for your first shot of practice and also help you properly shut your body down after your league or tournament.

Reading the Lane & Making Adjustments – 60 minutes

Fred Borden shares his experience in some of the most commonly discussed problems bowlers face. Timing is often described as a bowler’s biggest problem, but it’s usually diagnosed incorrectly. Borden will clearly define timing, and show you how to identify problems you might have. Borden’s “five adjustments” is a must watch for all bowlers struggling with how, when and why you should make a move to increase your scores.

The Mental Game – 39 Minutes

Training the Mental Game will help you understand the process as opposed to results, and you’ll learn a physical game drill that you can use at your next practice session. Often times our best bowling happens when we’re relaxed and allow ourselves to make shots. The harder you focus, the more adverse effects you have on your shot. You’ll learn another drill to help you concentrate without overcompensating.

Enhancing Your Game with Precision & Control – 49 minutes

In this DVD our coaches will demonstrate how some of the smallest adjustments yield the biggest results. Making spares adds pins to your score and increases your average. You’ll learn what a key pin is and how it will help you convert spares. Team USA Player and PBA Triple Crown Winner Chris Barnes explains how he selects a ball out of his arsenal to match up to any lane condition, starting from most aggressive to least aggressive identified at the break point. Barnes also simplifies reading a lane graph, helping you get to the part of the lane you need to be on sooner.