The Complete Guide to Two-Handed Bowling Video Download


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Video Download: The Complete Guide to Two-Handed Bowling

With the recent success on tour and around the world, two-handed bowling is taking bowling by storm. This download is geared specifically to people interested in learning how to bowl with two hands.

With a huge increase in RPM’s, two-handers need ball speed. Our coaches will start with the differences between the traditional game approach and the two-handed approach, showing how and where ball speed is generated.

Shooting spares comes down to preference when bowling with two hands. You can choose to shoot them traditionally with one arm or continue using two hands. We’ll show you how to become a more consistent spare shooter.

Your arsenal is what kind of bowling balls you’re bringing to a tournament or league. Two-handers have unique challenges and require an arsenal to meet those challenges. Our coaches will demonstrate how each ball works in each situation. 38 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • The Approach
  • Spare Shooting
  • Arsenal
  • Lane Play
  • Drills