Enhancing Your Game with Precision & Control Video Download


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Video Download: Enhancing Your Game with Precision & Control

In this video our coaches will demonstrate how some of the smallest adjustments yield the biggest results.

Making spares adds pins to your score and increases your average. You’ll learn what a key pin is and how it will help you convert spares.

PBA Triple Crown Winner Chris Barnes explains how he selects a ball out of his arsenal to match up to any lane condition, starting from most aggressive to least aggressive identified at the break point.

Barnes also simplifies reading a lane graph, helping you get to the part of the lane you need to be on sooner. 49 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Spare Shooting Practice
  • Reading a Lane
  • Practicing Speed Control
  • Reading a Lane Graph
  • Different Ball Reaction
  • Equipment vs. Climate
  • Junior Tips
  • Feel Control
  • Lane Courtesy
  • Exercises for Dealing with Common Injuries