Expert Instruction for Enhancing Your Game DVD

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DVD: Expert Instruction for Enhancing Your Game

Timing in bowling is the synchronization of your footwork and swing. Every player has their own unique timing. In this DVD, coaches overview how timing in today’s game is defined and compare it to previous teachings.

The most practiced area in bowling today is the release. We cover four different releases that provide options to play changing lane condition, while providing drills you can do at home to increase your consistency.

Dr. Dean Hinitz, a sports psychologist, helps train your mind to identify your “Autograph Shot.” He’ll guide you through quieting your mind while letting your training take over in the most crucial moments of your game or tournament. 63 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Timing (LNR)
  • Release Drills at Home
  • Four Releases
  • Release & Finish Position Drill
  • Foot Pressure
  • Arsenal
  • Ball Fit
  • Viewer Questions
  • Autographed Shot
  • The Shot Cycle
  • Exercises for Dealing with Common Injuries