Increasing Carry & The Physical Game with Bill Monce Video Download


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Video Download: Increasing Carry & The Physical Game with Bill Monce

Coach Bill Monce, from Greendale, WI, dives into problems plaguing bowlers in this video download.

Monce talks about upper body dominance versus lower body dominance, how to decipher which one affects your game, and how to make adjustments.

Every bowler struggles with carry, Monce will show you the secret to tripping those corner pins that just won’t fall on your strike shot.

He also demonstrates drills that will redefine how you practice, and how to prepare a bowling ball to strike faster and increase your scores. 29 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Upper vs Lower Body Dominance
  • Cause and Effect
  • Increasing Carry
  • Drills
  • Non-Bowling Side
  • Ball Surface
  • Grips & Thumb Inserts
  • Traditional vs Modern Game