League and Tournament Play 7-DVD Set

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7-DVD Set: League and Tournament Play

Whether you’re competing for your league championship or going for an eagle at the open championship, this 7-DVD set will help get you there.

Our coaches provide drills, equipment choices, lane play instruction, mental and physical instruction and much more. This set of just over 6 hours gives you the essentials for bettering your performance at your league or next tournament. 360 minutes.

League Play: The Winning Edge – 70 minutes

This is a complete guide for league bowlers to increase your average. From how to start on the lane to equipping yourself for the shot, you’ll improve your scores with this DVD. Spares can be a difficult part of the game. The seven zones of spare conversion will put you in position to convert more spares. We’ll walk you through every step of the approach including presetting your angles, initiating your swing and learning the finish position. The road map to the house shot will have you seeing the field. It’s an invisible playing field, but the coaches will help you see the lane like never before.

Tournament Play: The Winning Edge – 56 minutes

Whether you are a tournament weekend warrior or just thinking about getting into tournament play, this DVD is for you. Every time a ball hits the lane the oil pattern is changing. Having versatility with your release will get you through a lot of lane transition without having to make big moves.

Speed control is another way to combat changing lane conditions. There is a lot that goes into throwing the ball slower or faster and our coaches will show you how. Spares are often overlooked when practicing and this often leads to unintended results when in competition. There are multiple ways to shoot at washouts and sleepers and our coaches will show you how to make these spares more consistently. Matching up your equipment to the lane is one of the first decisions a bowler makes. Surface adjustments to the ball and knowing the lane surface and oil pattern will help you strike faster and increase your scores.

Techniques for Tournament Success – 65 minutes

This DVD will better prepare you for your next tournament. The coaches explain how to read a lane, and a lane sheet, and demonstrate how the oil machine works.

The non-bowling arm is crucial to consistency. Our coaches will show you proper technique for every style of bowler. The One-Step Drill slows down the finish position and gives you a way to focus on how to better balance at the foul line. The Two Systems spare shooting segment will help you make more spares on any condition, and Eagle winners provide inside information on how to play the Open Championship while detailing their experiences.

Equipment, Physical Game & Spares with Michelle Mullen – 31 minutes

Coach Michelle Mullen, of the greater Detroit area, walks us through the entire approach, shooting corner pin spares and equipment choices in this DVD. She’ll simplify getting started with push away drills and improve balance in your finish position. Spares are an important part of the game. Specifically, corner pins can be a bowler’s nemeses. Mullen’s strategy to convert 7 and 10 pin spares will add pins to your average over the course of a season or tournament. She provides equipment choices, like wrist devices and plastic bowling balls, to help bowlers make informed decisions when updating their arsenal.

Ball Surface, Leverage & Tape with Mike Nyitray – 31 minutes

Mike Nyitray demonstrates the need in today’s game to develop power.

Leverage throughout the approach starts in the stance and ends in the finish position. A bowling ball that drives through the pins starts from the leverage you have at the finish position. Mike shows you how to obtain maximum leverage in your game. Surface adjustment to your bowing ball will contribute to proper lane play. Mike demonstrates how to change surface to your ball and what surface adjustment is required for what the lane is giving you. His advanced hand taping demonstration will give you a better understanding of what it means to feel the ball coming off your hand properly.

Ball Fit, Mental Game & Spare Shooting – 52 minutes

Spare shooting can be one of the more difficult aspects of bowling. The coaches will walk you through developing a personalized system that you can use on any lane condition. Rod Ross overviews what a good fit should look and feel like. He’ll show you a multitude of fit issues and what you or your pro shop can do to improve your fit. Dr. Dean Hinitz, Sports Psychologist, puts you in pressure situations and teaches you to cope with the butterflies, helping you make your best shot when you need it.

Winning Tournament Techniques – 56 minutes

Bettering your physical game, knowing what to do with lane play, and understanding what your equipment does is crucial to improving your game. This DVD will prepare you for your next competition and help you increase your scores.

Our coaches will show you how the direction of your push away affects your swing, and you’ll see what your ball does down lane. They will discuss the ever-challenging splits and show you how to make some of the most difficult ones. After watching this DVD, you will feel better prepared for your next game or tournament resulting in increased scores and better play.