Lou Marquez 2-DVD Set

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2-DVD Set: Lou Marquez Collection

Coach Lou Marquez’s advanced teaching will dissect the modern bowling game. This bundle will improve your day-to-day league scores, but where you’ll see the most improvement is in your tournament play. This bundle will equip you with the knowledge necessary to compete at the highest level. 72 minutes.

Adjustments, Ball Motion & Transition – 36 minutes

Coach Lou Marquez shares his insight into lane play and equipment. Transition begins after the first ball is thrown down the lane and Marquez explains what to look for and how to stay ahead of the transition. He’ll provide a look into what a “Tournament Bowlers Arsenal” should look like and what each ball will do for you in particular situations. Marquez also gives a unique look into what a lane looks like after shots accumulate on it. The track will no longer be invisible on the lane.

Reading the Lane & Release Versatility – 36 minutes

His seven shot system is a road map for bowlers to use when you don’t have oil pattern information. Marquez helps you identify which eye is your dominant eye, and why this is important to you in your game. The release in today’s game is one of the most studied areas of expertise. Marquez gives you adjustments that will give you the ability to match what the lane is giving you.