Reading the Lane & Release Versatility DVD & Download

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Bundle: Reading the Lane & Release Versatility with Lou Marquez (DVD & Download)

Coach Lou Marquez provides unique insight into lane play in this video.

His seven shot system is a roadmap for bowlers to use when you don’t have oil pattern information.

He helps you identify which eye is your dominant eye, and why this is important to you in your game. PLUS, you’ll get this video in both DVD and download form with your purchase. This way, you can save the instruction on any device you wish, and watch it anytime, anywhere!

The release in today’s game is one of the most studied areas of expertise. Marquez gives you adjustments that will give you the ability to match what the lane is giving you. 36 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • 7 Shot System: How to Read a Lane
  • Dominate Eye
  • Pivot Step
  • Release Versatility
  • Leverage & Release