Release, Surface & Timing with Ken Yokobosky Video Download


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Video Download: Release, Surface & Timing with Ken Yokobosky

Ken Yokobosky of Pro Image Bowling is based out of the greater New Jersey area.

Yokobosky expresses the need for bowlers to concentrate on doing what they do best. This leads to greater repeatability and a comfort level needed when the pressure is on.

He will help you identify who you are as a bowler, and how to improve within that identification.

Additionally, tempo, timing, grip pressure and release are points of interest every bowler looks to improve and Yokobosky will detail the necessary steps to achieve repeatability to increase scores. 31 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • What Bowler’s Want
  • Tempo
  • Timing
  • Grip Pressure
  • Modern Release
  • Under The Ball
  • Surface