Team Drills & The Pro Shop with the Kegel Training Center DVD

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DVD: Team Drills & The Pro Shop with the Kegel Training Center

The Kegel Training Center is the leading innovator in technology and training in today’s game. VP of Kegel Training Center and Head Coach of Webber Bowling Del Warren, works with Head Coach of Webber’s Women team Randy Stoughton to provide equipment tips, drills and lane play adjustments.

Their proven techniques are useful to all bowlers at any level to advance their game to the next level.

Included in this DVD are team bowling strategies, reading a lane sheet, improving your physical game and pro shop overview.

Kegel’s cutting edge technology will provide statistics and analytics while the coach’s experience will explain the findings and demonstrate the cause and effect in a way every bowler can understand. 62 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

Team: Playing the Lanes
How To Read an Oil Pattern Sheet:
Lane Machine
Warmup Routine
Training Drills
Timing Drill
Launch Angle
Women’s Tips: Late Timing Issue
Training Tools
Pro Shop: Proper Fit
Pro Shop: Tools