Tournament Play: The Winning Edge DVD

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DVD: Tournament Play: The Winning Edge

Whether you are a tournament weekend warrior or just thinking about getting into tournament play, this DVD is for you.

Every time a ball hits the lane, the oil pattern is changing. Having versatility with your release will get you through a lot of lane transition without having to make big moves.

Speed control is another way to combat changing lane conditions. There is a lot that goes into throwing the ball slower or faster and our coaches will show you how.

Spares are often overlooked when practicing and this often leads to unintended results when in competition. There are multiple ways to shoot at washouts and sleepers, and our coaches will show you how to make these spares more consistently.

Matching up your equipment to the lane is one of the first decisions a bowler makes. Surface adjustments to the ball and knowing the lane surface and oil pattern will help you strike faster and increase your scores. 56 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Release Versatility
  • Speed Control
  • Spine Tilt and Pivot Step
  • Chris Barnes on Setup
  • Lane Transitions
  • Format Strategy
  • Sleepers
  • Washouts
  • Surface Adjustments
  • Lane Surfaces
  • Tape Use
  • Lane Machine Evolution
  • Exercises for Dealing with Common Injuries