Winning Tournament Techniques Video Download


Video Download: Winning Tournament Techniques

Bettering your physical game, knowing what to do with lane play, and understanding what your equipment does is crucial to improving your game. This video download will prepare you for your next competition and help you increase your scores.

In ‘Advanced Setup and Pushaway’ you’ll learn how the direction of your pushaway affects your swing, and you’ll see what your ball does down lane.

Splits are a challenging part of the game. We’ll show you how to make some of the most difficult splits.

In ‘Advanced Arsenal’ you’ll see what kind of bowling balls you need for different situations.

Finally, ‘Scouting and Tracking’ will teach you how to look ahead to your upcoming games in the tournament, resulting in increased scores and better play. 57 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Advanced Setup and Pushaway
  • Arm Swing at Pivot Step
  • Balance Arm
  • Loft
  • Oil Pattern Distance
  • Practice
  • Split Strategy
  • Baby Splits
  • Advanced Arsenal
  • Cores
  • Lane Courtesy
  • Scouting and Tracking
  • Dealing with an Injury