Avoid Missing Your Bowling Target to the Inside

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Bowling is a sport of cause and effect. If your technique is correct and you hit your target, more often than not you’re going to get the result you’re after. On the other hand, if one component of your stroke is out of sync with the rest, chances are you’re going to miss your target and leave yourself a difficult shot for spare.

In the case of bowlers just getting a handle on their technique, the effect is clear but the cause isn’t always so easy to determine. For instance, many bowlers who are tinkering with their footwork and release will notice an annoying pull creeping into their game that leads them to miss their bowling target to the inside. It can be frustrating to figure out what exactly causes the pull to develop, so in this lesson we teach you the common mistakes bowlers make in their stroke to introduce an untimely pull that causes you to shoot high of your bowling target.

How to avoid pulling the ball inside your bowling target

First things first, we see bowlers pull the ball and miss their bowling target to the inside all the time, so keep in mind that you’re not alone in being frustrated by this tendency. Similar to golfers experiencing the yips, the pulled bowling shot can be cured with a little bit of practice and some focus on technique and bowling target selection. Bowling coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney explain why bowlers tend to pull the ball and miss their bowling target, and then give you a few tips for avoiding a dramatic hook in your stroke.

For most bowlers, the pulled shot is a product of your upper and lower body falling out of sync. When your feet move faster or slower than your arms, your approach will be mistimed and you will release the ball at the wrong spot on the lane and likely miss your bowling target. Thus, according to the coaches, you have to train your bowling position and footwork to avoid pulling the ball.

They also explain why your pull might become worse and you might end up farther from your bowling target when you utilize proper bowling setup and stance but try to add extra action to the ball’s path instead of just letting it do its job. Put the right stroke behind the ball and fix your footsteps, and we guarantee you’ll lose that pesky pull and find your bowling target!

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