Bowling Mechanics for Great Finish Position

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For utmost success in bowling, repeatability will always be our most important buzzword. What we mean by that is can you discover your best technique and then do it again and again? Is each successive roll the same as the one before it? At the ITRC, we’ve found that when asked to complete 10 shots in a row, most bowlers will experience 10 different outcomes because at least one of the key bowling mechanics differs with each new roll, whether it be their launch angle, slide, arm position or any other of a number of factors. We’ve also found that it tends to be those players who can nail their bowling mechanics and recreate the same form to put their ball on the same path each time who give themselves the best chance to win. With this idea in mind, today we take a look at some of the pre-release bowling mechanics that are most vital for repeatability and, ultimately, success.

Bowling mechanics determine score

Here’s a test for your next practice session: roll five balls, and see if you can hit the same exact shot each time. Pay attention to your body position and technique. If your second shot doesn’t feel just like the first, try to determine what was different. Chances are, the discrepancy in your bowling mechanics comes somewhere in the bowling approach or release. You didn’t miss your target because the lane made you miss, you missed it because something changed in your stroke. Become more consistent in your bowling mechanics, and we guarantee your score will improve.

To help demonstrate how to increase your repeatability, Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney analyze some of the most important bowling mechanics that make up a proper bowling release, and discuss how minor breakdowns in the approach can lead to inconsistency on the lane. You’ll learn about such bowling mechanics as the slide, finish position and trail leg placement, all of which dictate where your ball ends up.

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