Improving Bowling Consistency: Tips for a More Accurate Lay-Down

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Just because you hit your target on the lane, that doesn’t mean your ball’s going to find the pocket with the right reaction. It’s a little known fact that the spot where you lay the ball down is equally as important as the target you set.

If you’re finding that you can’t seem to maintain any consistency despite finding your target with the majority of your shots, it could be because you’re laying the ball down too close or too far up the lane. In this lesson, we teach you a few bowling consistency tips that will demonstrate the importance of honing in on the proper lay-down spot in order to ensure you achieve the reaction you’re looking for from your ball.

Better your game with expert bowling consistency tips

Have you ever paid attention to where you’re laying the ball down? We don’t just mean the arrow you point out as your target, but also the distance down the lane you choose. For those who haven’t, bowling coaches Stephen Padilla and Hank Boomershine are going to explain why it’s so essential to narrow your lay-down window, and they introduce some bowling consistency tips you can utilize to find out whether you should be setting your ball down closer or further from the foul line.

The coaches begin by taping off a sample zone on the lane where a bowler might lay the ball down. Hank uses this zone to explain what happens when you set the ball down at the front of the zone vs. the back, and talks about a scenario in which a bowler is hitting their target shot after shot but consistently leaving pins standing. He then gives you some bowling consistency tips you can incorporate into your training routine to find your ideal lay-down spot. Every bowler, whether professional or amateur, has their own window. Find yours, and you’ll become a more consistent and accurate player!

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