• 2:44

    Bowling’s House Shot

    When you bowl league or recreation, likely the oil pattern that is applied to the lane surface is a house shot. A house shot has a 10:1 oil volume ratio that includes a high volume of oil in the middle part of the lane (2nd arrow to 2nd arrow), and a very low volume of…

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  • 1:57

    How Does Oil Distance and Volume Impact Lane Play?

    Tournament conditions generally have a ratio of 3:1, meaning that there is three times the amount of oil in the middle than the outside part of the lane. The typical house shot is 10:1. The big difference is the room for error. When you miss to the outside on a house shot it will come…

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  • 2:05

    Ball Motion: Burn Out or Burn Up

    Staying ahead of lane transition requires a trained eye with an observer’s mentality. In this premium video lesson, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains what burn up and burn out are and what moves to make to combat them. Burn Up If the bowling ball is hooking too early and hits the…

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