• 1:16

    Dumbbell and Barbell Upright Rows

    Free weight exercises are a great way to help strengthen the upper body. The stabilizing muscles in your shoulders should be engaged while activating your core throughout this exercise to get the biggest impact. Barbell upright rows will help you increase strength in your upper body, helping you maintain a free and straight bowling arm…

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  • 2:17

    How To Train Your Bowling Game

    Through the years coaches and competitive bowlers have noticed that when a bowler “practices” they generally set aside an hour to bowl three games for score. In this premium video, four-time Team USA member, three-time USBC Open Championships winner, and owner of On Track Pro Shop, Scott Pohl, explains four key training methods that will…

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  • 1:06

    Leg Lifts with a Physioball

    Are you looking to increase hip mobility and strengthen your core? Leg lifts with a physioball knock both out in one exercise. Strong core muscles make it easier to do any physical activity including bowling. By strengthening the core you will see results in balance and stability. With all of this newfound balance and stability…

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