• 5:28

    Bowling Training vs. Practice

    Rod Ross and Fred Borden discuss the differences between bowling training and practice. Learn about Myelin and how stores information as well as how training creates more myelin in your brain. Find out how important it is to train exactly the way you want to. It is time for you to start making more myelin…

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  • 11:34

    Tips for Bowling: Finding Your Starting Point on the Lane

    Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney analyze three shots from four separate bowlers, and then provide tips for bowling that will assist you in determining where you should start with your feet and eyes on the lane. They look at players with higher, medium and slower speeds and discuss how they each might vary their approaches,…

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  • 9:29

    Picking Up Spares

    The quickest and easiest way to increase your average is to become a great spare shooter. Bowling coaches Rod Ross and Fred Borden provide helpful tips and techniques on how to improve your spare shooting and increase your conversion percentage.

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  • 7:13

    Throwing a Bowling Ball: Elbow Bend or Straight Arm

    Coaches Rod Ross and Mike Nyitray explain the differences between throwing a bowling ball with a straight arm versus a bent elbow. Every bowler is different and can throw the ball in a way that best fits their style. As the game of bowling has evolved, more and more bowlers are adapting to a style…

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  • 4:34

    Finding the Bowling Breakpoint

    Bowling coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss the Rule of 31, which is used for finding the bowling breakpoint on a lane at any moment during a game. Finding the breakpoint also requires an understanding of the oil pattern and a close inspection of the changing conditions as time goes on throughout a game.

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