• 7:53

    Creating Proper Ball Motion On Medium Lane Oil Pattern

    Next in our series on creating the proper ball motion on various patterns is the medium-length lane oil pattern. Today we take a look at the best ways to adjust your game to accommodate a medium pattern, whether freshly laid out or in transition. Creating ball motion on a medium pattern To help you figure…

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  • 11:34

    Tips for Bowling: Finding Your Starting Point on the Lane

    Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney analyze three shots from four separate bowlers, and then provide tips for bowling that will assist you in determining where you should start with your feet and eyes on the lane. They look at players with higher, medium and slower speeds and discuss how they each might vary their approaches,…

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  • 9:54

    Pick-up Spares in all Situations

    Taking the next step in your game often hinges on whether you consistently can pick up spares. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Rod Ross teach you about a foolproof method for knocking down those intimidating leftovers using the Seven Zones of Spare Conversion. They walk you through each of the zones and show what you would do for every…

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  • 0:55

    Types of Bowling Balls: Plastic Ball Benefits

    In today’s game, there are many different types of bowling balls. Bowling coach Rod Ross talks about the benefits of using a plastic spare ball to pick up spares that typically are harder to convert using your strike ball.

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  • 7:09

    Balance Drills for Proper Bowling Release

    Do you want to execute a proper bowling release? Well, bowling coaches Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Bill Spigner present a few bowling drills to help you improve your balance in your release position. Go through of the bowling drills provided and learn how to practice these drills with consistency. Practice these drills in front of a…

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  • 3:41

    Bowling Technique and Tempo

    Bowling coaches Kim Terrell-Kearney and Ken Yokobosky talk about tempo and the importance of “keeping your feet slow,” in your bowling technique. Learn how to watch your foot speed as well as how to adjust it when necessary. Find out what other tips they have to offer for improving your bowling tempo in this bowling…

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  • 2:14

    Using the 3-6-9 Spare System Moving Right

    Bowling coach Carolyn Dorin-Ballard teaches you how to use the 3-6-9 spare system to move right along the boards to adjust in order to pick up a spare. Here she shows you how to adjust to pick up the 2, 4 and 7 pins.

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  • 1:16

    Using the 3-6-9 Spare System Moving Left

    Bowling hall of famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard teaches you how to use the 3-6-9 spare system to move left along the boards to adjust in order to pick up a spare. Here she shows you how to adjust to pick up the 3 and 6 pins.

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  • 3:11

    Developing Your Bowling Ball Arsenal

    Coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney talk about managing your bowling ball arsenal and teach you why it is more important to pay attention to the surface of the ball and the lane compared to the core of the ball. Examples include showing the minimal difference between a pin-up and pin-down ball and how altering…

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