• 0:50

    How to Do Dumbbell Lunges

    A lunge is essentially a big step forward. When you add free weights such as dumbbells, this adds additional work for the quads and glutes. Dumbbell lunges require you to be comfortable and able to remain balanced doing a basic lunge before adding free weights to the exercise. Having healthy quads helps maintain balance and…

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  • 1:42

    Getting Fitted for a Bowling Ball with a Wrist Device

    Wrist devices are designed to support your wrist throughout the swing and release. For people with weaker wrists or who experience wrist break in the backswing or during the release, a bowling wrist device is just what the doctor ordered. In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains the importance…

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  • 3:59

    Developing a Split Strategy

    Splits happen. All of the towel-throwing, ball-return-kicking and obscenities verbalized will not help you when you leave a 7-10 split or a Greek Church. Gold Coach and Bowler Development Lead at Bowlersmart Richard Shockley and Silver Level Coach Dan Triske explain the importance of getting count when splits occur. Take Count for the Team The…

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  • 2:13

    Sanding Pad Technology

    Sanding pads are vital for success when faced with challenging lane conditions. There are many different brands of sanding pads to choose from. Each brand has multiple grit numbers associated with their sanding pads and each number affects ball motion on the lane differently. In this free video, Ronald Hinkland Jr., CEO of Creating The…

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  • 2:10

    Preventing Cracked Bowling Balls

    Bowling balls are an investment. They require regular maintenance and upkeep to get the maximum performance out of them. Cracked bowling balls are useless. In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains why a bowling ball can crack and how to prevent it from happening. Cracked Bowling Balls Below are…

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  • 1:40

    How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball for Your Needs

    With so many bowling balls on the market today it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best bowling ball for you. Bowling balls are expensive, and once holes are drilled into them, you can no longer return them. A bowling ball consists of a coverstock and core. Coverstock is the material…

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  • 6:35

    When Should I Use Surface On My Bowling Ball

    When Should I Use Surface On My Bowling Ball In this free video, Ronald Hickland Jr., CEO of Creating The Difference demonstrates each grit of TruCut CtDSanding Pads and how they respond on the lanes. Watch “How Do I Put Surface On My Bowling Ball?” if you are unfamiliar or need a refresher before continuing.…

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  • 1:43

    Quick Tip: Developing a Pre-Shot Routine

    A pre-shot routine, simply put, is everything that happens before you are ready to take a shot. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to do this routine. However, try to keep it short enough to not take away from the pace of play. In this Quick Tip, Coach Erik Vermilyea…

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  • 4:27

    How Do I Put Surface on My Bowling Ball?

    Applying surface to your bowling ball using a sanding pad is vital to your success out on the lanes. If your bowling ball isn’t reacting the way you’d like, changing the bowling ball surface will help create the ball motion desired to strike more consistently. In this free video, Ronald Hinkland Jr., CEO of Creating…

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