• 5:57

    Launch Angle Bowling Tips

    Launch angle is very important when it comes to analyzing a bowler’s game. Coach Randy Stoughton discusses a tool used to measure launch angle, as well as tips for changing your launch angle. Modifying launch angle can help a player who is transitioning from house shot leagues into sport leagues.

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  • 3:33

    Bowling Warm-Up Routine

    Bowling is no different from any other physical sport when it comes to the need for a warm-up routine. Bowling coach Del Warren describes the bowling warm-up program designed for Webber International University bowlers. There are important aspects they must cover in order to warm-up their body.

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  • 4:43

    How to Read an Oil Pattern Sheet: Understanding Bowling Lane Oil Patterns

    Pattern Specialist/Lane Technician John Janawicz describes how to read an oil pattern sheet and see how helpful it is to understand bowling lane oil patterns. Oil pattern distance and oil pattern volume are a couple of things that players should be focusing on. For more information on how to play a lane based on oil…

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  • 3:47

    Bowling Tips: Effectively Working With a Bowling Coach

    Bowling coach Stephen Padilla explains how to get the most out of your bowling coach. If there are areas in your game that you need to improve upon, there are five steps to making a change in your relationship that you and your coach should be aware of. By focusing on these areas of your…

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  • 3:15

    Sport Bowling vs. League Bowling

    Transitioning from League to Sport bowling can be tricky to navigate. Bowling coach Stephen Padilla discusses how to make this transition, as well as the differences between the two environments. The biggest difference is the challenge of the pattern you are going to bowl on. Sport patterns are more challenging than league patterns.

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  • 2:20

    Unorthodox Bowling Drills: Cosmic Bowling

    One of the unique bowling drills used in some places involves turning the lights off. It helps to eliminate distractions. That way players can focus on execution and getting the feel of the shot. Coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss the benefits of practicing with the lights off.

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  • 4:46

    Bowling Pocket and Strike Percentages

    Research Manager Nicki Brose goes into depth on some studies they have done regarding pocket percentages and where the pocket actually exists. They were able to narrow it down to a board where you would either strike or get a 9-count. If bowlers can control the pocket, then more than likely they will leave something…

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  • 2:45

    Different Oils Used on Bowling Lanes

    Bowling coach Rod Ross and professional bowler Chris Barnes compare the features of different oils. For instance, hooking oils were designed to pick up a roll sooner vs. skid oils which are meant to make a ball delay longer. Learn about the different types of oils used in the game today.

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  • 3:22

    Bowling Tips: Relaxed Bowling Grip Pressure

    Two of the most important aspects of bowling are ball fit and bowling grip pressure. Bryan O’Keefe gives important bowling tips related to bowling grip pressure and the importance of keeping a loose and relaxed grip. Using bowlers tape can help get the best fit possible to prevent bowlers from squeezing and other physical game…

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