• 6:53

    The Bowling Power Step

    Every bowler has a different body type and may need to use different timing in their approach. Bowling coach Lou Marquez explains the science behind the bowling power step, also known as the pivot step, and demonstrates how it works with several different styles. Watch as Marquez shows how to produce the maximum amount of power and speed while efficiently…

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  • 7:11

    Bowling Release and Rotation Versatility

    One of the most important aspects of a bowler’s game is the release. There are many different releases that can be used depending on the situation you may be in. Bowling coach Lou Marquez discusses the importance of variation in a bowler’s release with Rod Ross. Watch as Marquez demonstrates wrist positioning and how it…

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  • 14:04

    7 Shot System for Bowling Lane Oil Patterns

    Bowling coach Rod Ross discusses the Seven-Shot System for bowling lane oil patterns with Coach Lou Marquez. They explain that the system can be used to determine the characteristics of an oil pattern, allowing bowlers to make adjustments based on the outcome of each shot.

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  • 4:05

    Bowling Release and Leverage

    The release is crucial to a bowler’s game. Bowling coach Lou Marquez discusses the distance between the ball and the ankle during the finish position and all of the ways it affects the release. When the ball is too far from the ankle in the finish position, it causes a loss of control in the…

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