• 4:07

    Changing Your Bowling Release to Manipulate Ball Roll

    There are many ways to make adjustments in the sport of bowling. More speed, less speed, loft, ball choice – the list goes on and on. Mastering multiple bowling releases allows you to play different parts of the lane, with the same ball. Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track will show you how changing your hand…

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  • 4:13

    Perfecting The Finish Position

    Being balanced at the foul line as you deliver the ball is the goal when attempting to perfect the finish position. Errant shots are almost a certainty without a balanced finish position. Silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant along with Junior Gold Champion Annalise O’Bryant illustrate what a balanced finish position looks like…

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  • 2:36

    How to Read a Lane Sheet

    Most tournaments you bowl in today post the tournament graph or lane sheet in advance. This tells you the bowling oil pattern you will be bowling on. Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track explains all of the information on the lane sheet and how it can help improve your odds at success when knowing the bowling…

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  • 9:19

    Tournament Preparation: Singles and Team

    From bowling ball choices to mental and physical preparation, tournament bowling is a demanding test of skill and endurance. Silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant will walk through what it takes to get prepared for a tournament so you can bowl at your best. Bowling Ball Arsenal for Tournament Bowling The goal for…

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  • 0:52

    Completing a Barbell Lunge

    The barbell lunge exercise is a great way to improve your ability to maintain posture throughout your bowling approach and add strength and balance to the finish position. A barbell lunge increases the difficulty of the lunge, so you can get more out of it. When you add the barbell to a lunge, it allows…

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  • 1:42

    The Importance of Experimenting with Different Balls

    Bowling’s challenging oil patterns can humble the best in the world. In order to be competitive, it’s imperative that you experiment with different bowling balls. Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, identifies three different coverstocks commonly found in today’s game that will help determine which is the best bowling ball for you. Dull…

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  • 1:08

    Medicine Ball Exercises: Lunge with a Side Bend

    Medicine ball exercises are often found in Ballistics Training or Power Training. This type of training requires muscles to adapt and contract quickly, and forcefully. Bowling’s approach and finish position are physically demanding on the body, especially with the repetitive nature associated with the sport. Medicine ball exercises are a great way to add weight…

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  • 1:28

    How to “Practice” Lofting The Gutter Cap

    Newer, more aggressive bowling balls paired with ever-changing lane conditions make today’s game, in some ways, more difficult than the game of years past. Adding loft into your bag of tricks will reward you at some point in time throughout a league season or tournament. Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track demonstrates how to practice lofting…

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  • 1:10

    Single Leg Balance Reach

    Balance and posture are fundamentals every bowler needs in their game to be successful. Having better balance increases shot repeatability. This gives you the best chance at hitting your target more often, ultimately increasing your scores. A balanced approach starts in the setup and stance and ends at the foul line, posting your shot or…

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