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3 Common Problems During Bowling’s Approach

Day in and day out, National Bowling Academy’s Coaching Contributors teach bowling lessons. They’ve discovered that most bowlers share common areas that need improvement. Below are three areas of concern that most bowlers need to address to help improve their game. Inconsistent Push Away How you start determines how you finish. The direction you push…

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Leverage and the Bowling Release

What is leverage and what does it have to do with bowling? Leverage is defined as the exertion of force by means of a lever or an object used in the manner of a lever. In bowling, the lower body creates leverage in combination with upper body posture. In order to have good leverage at…

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Tournament Prep: Lane Play

Tournament oil patterns vary in oil distance and oil volume. Having the right ball in your hand with the ability to manipulate your release, launch angle, and ball speed will help you “match up” to what you’re up against on the lane. If you have access to the lane sheet for the condition you are…

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Bowling During a Pandemic

The past nine months have brought about major changes in how we approach bowling across the US. The bowling community has had to adapt and develop new procedures and rules to ensure the safety of bowlers at every level from open bowling to tournament play. Each level seems to have a different interpretation of what…

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Tournament Prep: Physical Game

Are you physically ready for your upcoming tournament? Is it a short or long format? What’s your goal? In this article, we will help get your physical game ready for any tournament format by developing a practice plan along with a workout routine that will help build confidence needed to be successful at your next…

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