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Next Level Lane Play: Understanding Rule of 31 and Ball Motion

Beginner to intermediate bowlers struggle with understanding how to play the lanes, especially when things aren’t going well. By now you’ve found a comfortable place to play on the lanes, but when that doesn’t work it can be overwhelming, leaving you guessing what to do next? Understanding rule of 31 are principles every bowler needs to understand to make adjustments and be successful on the lanes. Read More

Finding Your Line

Bowling tournaments challenge every aspect of your game. They are usually played on a different lane pattern and format than your league, which tests your physical and mental game as well as your spare shooting and equipment choices. Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

With leagues getting into full swing, let’s take a minute to talk about practice. Practice is not another “three-game outing” to see how you size up with your established average in the league. The ability to improve is contingent on making efficient use of your time before the competition and… Read More

Dry Towel Rule Change

The dry towel rule, Rule 18, went into effect August 1, 2019. The rule states: While bowling in USBC Competition, a bowling ball cannot: 1. Have the surface altered by an abrasive. 2. Be cleaned with any liquid substance or cleaning agent. 3. Have any foreign material on it… Read More

Stronger vs. Weaker Bowling Balls

If you’re at the point in your game where you are considering purchasing a new bowling ball or adding one to your arsenal, knowing the differences between stronger and weaker bowling balls can be a pivotal turning point in your game. Everyone likes to see the bowling… Read More

Two-Handed Bowling Drills

Should you bowl traditionally or with a two-handed style?Two-handed bowlers have achieved great success in recent years from youth bowling and all the way to the pros. If you’re new to sport, or want to make the switch, Gold Coach Ron Hoppe has some two-handed bowling drills for… Read More

Grip Pressure and the Modern Release

What causes bowlers to squeeze the bowling ball? The amount of grip pressure used will directly affect how the ball hooks. Applying too much grip pressure (aka squeezing), creates other fundamental issues in your game outside of the release that will result in some bad… Read More

Do you “Drift” on the Approach?

Have you ever been told from a teammate or coach that it’s impossible for you to repeat shots because you are drifting on the approach? For years, drifting was defined as not walking straight on the approach from the dots to the foul line. Knowing where you start on… Read More