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Having the big picture in mind when entering a bowling season helps bowlers evaluate their progress and understand what needs to be worked on in their game.

Setting personal and team goals is a must for competitive bowlers who are looking to improve in the sport of bowling constantly.

In this Gold Curated Collection, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, illustrates what it takes to get ready for the upcoming season while teaching you how to develop personalized training sessions that will accelerate your progress.

Also included in this Gold Curated Collection, Coach Pohl provides insight on what to look into before your competition starts, which will help expedite your decision-making process and get you into the pocket faster than ever before.

As the season continues, you’ll need to evaluate your past performance while making adjustments on the path to achieving your goals.

Finally, if you’re considering competing at bowling’s biggest stage, Coach Pohl’s shares his Eagle-winning training habits that he utilizes both months in advance and minutes before the competition starts.

This Gold Curated Collection includes,

How to Get Ready for the Upcoming Season

  • Gear prep
  • Practice plans
  • Interval training
  • Practice partner
  • Off lanes preparation

Training vs. Practicing

  • How to warm-up
  • Interval training
  • Visualization training
  • Condition and strength training
  • Nutrition training
  • Drills

What You Need to Know Before Competition Starts

  • Wood lanes
  • The differences between AMF and Brunswick synthetic lanes
  • Topography
  • Low-end, hi-end, and center of the house
  • Starting with a benchmark bowling ball
  • Stronger and weaker bowling balls
  • Weight blocks and layouts
  • Maintaining dull and shiny bowling balls
  • Sanding pads, cleaners, and polish
  • Make the most of your 10 – 15 minutes
  • Find you line
  • Experiment with other lines
  • Practice multiple pin spares
  • Practice corner pins
  • Last-minute bowling ball prep

Tune Up Your Game – A Month and a Half Into League Season

  • Physical game tips
  • Spare shooting tips
  • Ball fit advice
  • Goals
  • Fitness

Preparing for Nationals

  • Training timetable and scheduling
  • Physical conditioning
  • Bowling training sessions
  • Bowling ball choices
  • Spare ball
  • Accessories
  • Nutrition
  • Mental game training