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Adjusting Bowling Alignment for Maximum Precision

National Bowling Academy Editors
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Duration:   7  mins

In league and tournament bowling, you don’t often have the luxury of taking multiple frames to find your optimal angle to the pocket. The most successful bowlers are those who can determine how the oil pattern on a lane is affecting their alignment and make a confident adjustment to hit their target in the span of a single frame. On the opposite side, players who take multiple frames to figure out their bowling alignment are the ones who find themselves quickly falling behind in and eventually losing games.

That’s why it’s so essential to adapt your bowling alignment to what you see on the lane, and to do so quickly and effectively. With so little time in a game to adjust bowling alignment, it helps to have a simple system that you can turn to in order to respond with the right change and keep pace. So in the lesson, we teach you how to use the boards on a lane to find your target and breaking point and then discover your proper bowling alignment.

Using the boards for optimal bowling alignment

Proper bowling alignment is paramount for consistency and execution at all levels. With that in mind, we visit the training facility of McKendree University Bowling to find out how this prestigious team practices good bowling alignment. Focus on the fundamentals will help you improve your swing alignment quickly and confidently based on lane reactions. You’ll discover how to use the boards on the lane to determine where you should release your ball at the foul line according to the locations of your target and breaking point.

Using simple math, we show you how to utilize basic tools to line up your bowling swing and target to reach your ideal breaking point. Your release point on the lane is going to be unique according to rev rate and other factors, but you can take advantage of this easy system to adjust your bowling alignment and execute shot after shot!

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