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How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball for Your Needs

Scott Pohl
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With so many bowling balls on the market today it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best bowling ball for you. Bowling balls are expensive, and once holes are drilled into them, you can no longer return them. A bowling ball consists of a coverstock and core. Coverstock is the material the bowling ball is made of and the core is inside of the bowling ball. Both affect the bowling ball’s hook, but studies have shown that coverstock is responsible for the majority of a ball’s reaction on the lane.

In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop simplifies the process and provides basic principles that make finding the best bowling ball for you easier.

Shiny Bowling Balls

A shiny bowling ball tends to roll down the lane farther and hook more in the back end.

Shiny Ball

Typically, a shiny ball is better served for someone who has slower ball speed or is playing on drier lane conditions.

Duller Bowling Balls

Duller coverstocks tend to grip the lane earlier. This means they hook earlier on the lane and give less back end reaction.

Dull Ball

A bowler that throws the ball faster or finds themselves on oiler lane conditions is better served bowling with a duller bowling ball.

Middle of the Road Bowling Balls

Not overly shiny or dull, middle of the road bowling balls are geared for medium speed, medium rev rate bowlers. Most bowlers fit in this category and it is a great place to start when looking for your first ball.

Middle of the Road Ball

There are many different manufacturers out there that provide bowling balls in each of these categories. All of the manufactures have pros and cons. It comes down to personal preference when choosing the best ball for you.

Check out “Developing a Bowling Ball Arsenal” and “Fit of a Bowling Ball” from National Bowling Academy to help improve your game.

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