Scott Pohl

Better League Bowling

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   3  mins

League bowling is awesome! Some of you may be in multiple leagues, and some of you might have joined your first league this year. In this Premium Video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, addresses what it takes for bowlers of all skill levels to achieve the best season possible.

Choose teammates wisely

League seasons can span anywhere from 15 – 30 weeks. A big part of your personal enjoyment while bowling over this length of time is the company of the people you surround yourself with. Being positive, prepared, and engaged are attributes to look for when choosing a teammate.

Communication with teammates

Developing open lines of communication is vital for team success. Whether it’s a ball change, physical game adjustment, or a lane play decision, you need a reliable sounding board to go through the ups and downs of any league night.

Visit the pro shop

Bowling on a similar condition week to week doesn’t mean that you can just show up and average 200. Go to your pro shop and ask questions about how the lanes play for others, equipment choices, and bowling ball maintenance.

Pre and post-shot routine

This is your “you” time for clearing your head to prepare and process what happened on the lanes. If you’re not taking the time to do this, start. Check out “Pre-Shot Routine” and “Post-Shot Routine” to help develop and personalize to your liking.

Keep things positive

You get out what you put in. Staying positive through adversity is difficult, but it can be done. Positivity is contagious. Your teammates will catch it and reward you back with it.

Expand your roster

Once again, it’s a long season, and things come up in your life outside of bowling. Having people who are willing to come in and substitute for an absent bowler provides fresh insight and keeps the pace of play at a normal speed.

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