Scott Pohl

Bowling Ball Cleaners

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

Today’s bowling balls absorb more oil than ever before. Regular maintenance is required if you want predictability out of your equipment. “I can just feel the bowling ball on the surface. It feels kind of slick or greasy,” explains Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop. “They bring it in, they go. Well, it’s not hooking anymore.”

In this Premium Video, we will show you how you can clean your bowling ball and have a really good performance.

Dull coverstock bowling balls

A gel product should be used to clean dull coverstock bowling balls. Pohl applied a gel product to the dull coverstock bowling ball that was recently drilled, which only had a few games on it, and you can see right away that it cleaned a lot of oil off of the bowling ball.

The ball becomes tacky after it is cleaned back to its original state.

Shiny coverstock bowling balls

A spray product should be used to clean shiny coverstock bowling balls. You don’t want to take that shine off or else it’s going to hook a little bit too early.

Scott sprayed it on a few spots, then took a towel to the ball and rubbed the cleaner into it. You’ll see immediately that it looks much shinier. It will feel sticky to the touch versus the other side that hasn’t been cleaned.

Remember, each time a ball gets thrown down the lane, it absorbs oil and dirt that get into the cover stock of the ball.

75% of ball motion is attributed to the cover stock. You need to keep the coverstock clean in order to have a good, predictable reaction on the lane.

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