Bowling Ball Selection for League and Tournament Play

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Bowling is a game of inches and minor adjustments; often the slightest change in target or technique can mean the difference between a high score and just another good game. Likewise, the ball you choose can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game, so it’s important to get your bowling ball selection right.

Whether making a switch to a different ball in response to changing lane conditions or simply because you need to try something new, bowling ball selection can be a crucial component of success in league and tournament play. In this video, we explain why bowling ball selection is different for leagues and tournaments, and teach you how to get the most out of your arsenal by making the switch to a unique ball at the perfect time during a game.

The keys to bowling ball selection

No matter which oil pattern you find yourself on, lane conditions are constantly changing, from the moment the first ball is rolled to the second the last pin falls. That means you have to constantly make decisions about how you’re going to attack the lane, including technique adjustments and bowling ball selection. On a fresh lane, chances are you’re going to use your benchmark ball because it’s typically the one you feel most confident throwing, but the best bowlers build a good bowling ball arsenal so they can adapt their game to what they see on the lane.

With this in mind, we walk you through a sample arsenal from one of our demo bowlers to show you the proper thought process of bowling ball selection for both league and tournament play. Choosing a bowling ball arsenal for the three standard games of league play is a little less involved than bowling ball selection for the unpredictable conditions of a tournament, which often requires versatile “in-between” equipment. Filling your bag with the right stuff is crucial, so spend some time with your equipment to make the right choices and determine how your bowling ball selection will affect the outcome of your game.

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