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Bowling Ball Storage and Climate Considerations

Scott Pohl
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If you’re storing your bowling balls for the summer or are just in between competitions, where and how you store them will impact their performance. In this free video Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains the do’s and don’ts of bowling ball storage and how it affects your game.


All right, so let’s get into the storage, particularly in regards to the climate where you live. Northern and southern states experience extreme temperature changes, just in different ways.

A 30º-40ºf swing in temperature is not uncommon, depending on the season you are in. Whether it’s a cold snap or scorching heat wave, improper storage during severe will take a toll on your bowling ball.

Climate Change Effects

If you leave your bowling ball in your car or garage, it will feel the effects of these extreme temperature changes. The core inside the ball will expand and contract if it is involved in these temperature swings. Keeping your bowling ball inside, at room temperature, limits expansion and contraction of the core.

However, your bowling ball needs moisture. The surface will harden and even crack if stored in too dry of an environment. To avoid this, p[ut a plastic bag around your bowling ball when storing it. This will keep the moisture level high enough to prevent cracking.

Try not to store it on carpet or wood flooring. What happens is that the moist part of the bowling ball will dry up. Over time, chances are you’re going to see a crack there. If you have it sit on carpet or wood flooring, put a towel underneath the ball with a plastic bag over it.

Bowling balls are expensive. You need them to last and perform at their best. In order for that to happen, proper storage is paramount.

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