Bowling Pocket and Strike Percentages

Duration: 4:46

Research Manager Nicki Brose goes into depth on some studies they have done regarding pocket percentages and where the pocket actually exists. They were able to narrow it down to a board where you would either strike or get a 9-count. If bowlers can control the pocket, then more than likely they will leave something they can make.

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6 Responses to “Bowling Pocket and Strike Percentages”
  1. Eric Horner
    Eric Horner

    So, the stats are regardless of entry angle, I get that, but, how does ball motion factor into this? Or does it?

  2. Ed

    Hi… thanks for the video and study. I’d like to know the missing information. What ball weight was used? What would be the comparison between 14, 15 and 16 lb balls? What speed in mph at impact was used? If you got 9 about 15% of the time how many of those 9 counts were the 10 pin? 4 pin? 8 pin? 9 pin? other etc.? Anything else you can add to these conclusions? Thanks

  3. Clair

    Very interesting and informative. What ball weight and speed did you use for these tests? Did you test different weights, speeds and revs?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Clair. After a follow-up with the USBC Equipment Specifications team, here’s what we learned about this test. Ball weights for the test were 15 lbs. and the ball coming down the ramp enters the pins at approximately 14 mph. Different weights were not tested in this case and different speeds were not tested either. As for revs, the ball entering the pocket was in the roll phase of ball motion, so it’s not skidding or hooking it’s simply spinning in the same direction that it’s traveling.

  4. Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin

    Good evening, I want to know what board left handed players should be hitting toward the head pin?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, Joseph. The best board location for left handed players to strike or get a 9 count would be the same board mentioned in the video the 17.5 board. The same pocket location applies counting the boards from the left side of the lane for left handed bowlers. If you wanted to continue counting from the right side the best location for the 1-2 pocket would be 22½ board. Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.