Bowling Release Practice for Upper and Lower Body Alignment

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Duration: 2:32

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Proper alignment and correct angles in the body are essential for a good bowling stroke. If you able to achieve proper alignment and maintain a strong base, you set yourself up for a consistent shot, each and every time. This is especially true for alignment between your upper and lower bodies–when your chest is off line with your knees, it’s difficult to replicate the same stroke shot after shot.

To help you guarantee that your upper body is in line with your lower body and you maximize your release, we’re going to teach you a bowling release practice drill that improves alignment and hones coordination between all parts of your body, from your feet to your hands.

Perfecting alignment with bowling release practice

As mentioned before, your goal with each bowling stroke is to align your upper and lower body at the point of release so you can generate as much power as possible and hit your mark. Achieving this is simply a matter of working bowling release practice into your training routine. Our coach explains how proper alignment is a matter of keeping your knee behind your toe and making sure the distance between your slide and plant leg is kept at a proper distance.. To do so, he teaches you how to use bowling release drills to improve balance and sync up your point of release with your slide.

You’ll also learn why, while this bowling release practice drill is intended for all bowlers, it’s especially important for women and children bowlers as they tend to end up too far forward in their stance and lose their balance, which is essential for a good bowling stroke. In our example, our coach teaches you the vital bowling video tips you need for a solid bowling release.

If you’re a bowling coach, this bowling release practice is crucial for your students, as it demonstrates whether they’re able to maintain balance at the release point. Work this bowling release practice drill into your students’ routine, and pay attention to their slide knee to make sure they’re maximizing the angles of their swing.