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Using a Wrist Device as a Training Tool

RIchard Shockley
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There are many bowling wrist devices on the market to choose from. In general, they are designed to limit movement at the point of the release. A bowling wrist device supports your wrist on the back of the hand, limiting collapse at the moment of release.

In this free video, Gold Coach and Bowler Development Lead at Bowlersmart Richard Shockley explains why you may want to have one in your bag to practice with as a training tool.

Wrist Break

Wrist break occurs when a bowler’s hand and wrist “breaks” back toward the forearm throughout the shot. It can happen during the pushaway, backswing, or the release.

bowling with no wrist device

Wrist break limits the amount of rotation that can be put on the bowling ball at the point of release. The bowling ball’s motion will skid longer, hook less, and will not achieve a good roll through the pins.

It doesn’t matter what bowling ball you have in your hand—if wrist break is an issue you are experiencing, it’s time to get to work.

Bowling wrist device as a training tool

Practicing with a bowling wrist device over time helps train the wrist to learn how feeling firm throughout the approach is supposed to feel.

bowling with wrist device

Check out the before and after to see the difference.

comparison of bowling with wrist device and without

By using a bowling wrist device in practice, over time, you’ll experience what it feels like to have your wrist in a firm position.

When your wrist is in a firm position at the point of the release, your thumb will come out of the bowling ball faster, allowing the weight of the bowling ball to sit on the fingers longer and generating better rotation.

You’ll see the results down-lane with rewards resulting in better ball motion and more strikes.

If you are considering adding a bowling wrist device to your game, check out National Bowling Academy’s Comparing Bowling Wrist Supports and Proper Fit for Wearing a Wrist Device. They are must-see videos for anyone thinking of making the switch.

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