Erik Vermilyea

Changing Your Bowling Release to Manipulate Ball Roll

Erik Vermilyea
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Duration:   4  mins

There are many ways to make adjustments in the sport of bowling. More speed, less speed, loft, ball choice – the list goes on and on. Mastering multiple bowling releases allows you to play different parts of the lane, with the same ball. Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track will show you how changing your hand position effects rev rate and axis rotation.

Altering Rev Rate

Rev Rate is the calculation of the number of revolutions a bowler imparts on the ball or the speed at which the ball rotates. Start with your normal bowling release position. If you cup the wrist slightly, this will help increase your rev rate.

Release 1

The result of cupping your wrist slightly makes the bowling ball pick up on the lane faster (earlier) and change direction sharper down lane.

Release 2

Next, bend your wrist back from your normal bowling release position.

Release 3

By bending your wrist back throughout the approach and bowling release, your rev rate will decrease. This will help when you want your ball to go straighter with less change of direction down lane, which is useful for dryer lane conditions and or short patterns.

Release 4

Altering Axis Rotation

Axis rotation is how much end-over-end or side-roll the bowling ball has. Start with your normal bowling release position and turn your hand outward, away from your body.

Release 5

This creates a more end-over-end rotation allowing you to play the lanes straighter and with more control.

Release 6

Finally, from your normal bowling release position, turn your hand in toward your body.

Release 7

By maintaining this hand position throughout your approach and release, your hand will rotate around the bowling ball closer to 90º creating more change of direction or hook.

Release 8

Learn more on the subject of bowling release by checking out “Bowling Release Tips” and “Versions of the Bowling Release.”

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