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Choosing a Bowling Ball That is Right for Your Arsenal

Hank Boomershine
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Beginners and professionals alike know that bowling is a game of inches and minor adjustments. One step to the left or right can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. The same goes for your equipment — choosing a bowling ball to better attack the pocket at the right time in a game can lead to a new high score. Waiting too long to make the change can leave you with regrets.

The keys to choosing a bowling ball

Proper preparation begins with understanding your arsenal and choosing a bowling ball that has the reaction you’re looking for. To help you make the right choice, bowling coach Hank Boomershine shares some insight on how to choose a bowling ball that is reliable and best suited for what you’re facing.

In the past, we’ve demonstrated the proper way to go about getting to know your equipment on various oil patterns. The process should begin with a few rolls of your benchmark ball to determine how it reacts on the oil pattern. From there, you can figure out the best method to attack the pocket by understanding what your equipment gives you. It may require you to switch to your most aggressive ball, or possibly the weakest depending on what the pattern is telling you.

It is essential when choosing a bowling ball that you understand when it will work best for you. This involves putting in the time and effort to practice on multiple conditions, and working with your coach or pro shop operator to help you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each ball in your arsenal. Also work with your coach or pro shop operator to determine what kind of layouts tend to work best for your game.

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One Response to “Choosing a Bowling Ball That is Right for Your Arsenal”

  1. BikerDad

    You need to explain the terminology being used. As an example, what is "flare potential", what exactly do you mean by "strong ball", etc, etc. If you don't explain it here, but do elsewhere, then let your viewer know where they can find the explanation.

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