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Consistent Bowling Foul Line Slide Position

National Bowling Academy Editors
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Duration:   5  mins

We all have our comfort zone on the lane. Whether it’s intentional or not, bowlers often navigate back to their sweet spot where they feel they can hit just about any shot. But in certain situations, reverting to the comfort zone can come back to haunt you in the later frames when what you really need is to attack your target from a different angle.

It’s essential that you practice getting to the appropriate spots at the bowling foul line for your intended shots — closer to the gutters — so that when the oil starts shifting, you can read the lane and adjust your target accordingly. In this lesson, we teach you a simple drill you can practice to get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to slide in the right spot at the bowling foul line.

Getting to the right part of the bowling foul line

When it comes to footwork, where you finish at the bowling foul line is more important than where you start. One of the things we’ve noticed about the way bowlers navigate the lane is that regardless of their intentions when they first settle into their stance, their feet often lead them back toward the center of the bowling foul line. That drifting is largely an unconscious action, which makes it even more difficult to nip in the bud.

With that idea in mind, we’re going to show you a basic exercise that will help you both set up and finish at the far right or left side of the bowling foul line. Using a single piece of tape, you’ll learn to hone your bowling footwork through visual aid and targeting. We demonstrate the proper way to utilize a simple training tool to practice releasing the ball at the right spot on the bowling foul line based on what you see on the lane. Train good bowling techniques and improve your release position at the bowling foul line, and we guarantee you’ll see your average increase!

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