Leah Zahner

Core Stretch: The Extensor Muscles

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

Your core is an area of the body that when called upon is expected to perform. If the core hasn’t received a call lately, likely it is weakening and overtime it can lead to injury.

Bowling requires the core to be engaged. If you are not regularly working out your core and asking it to perform on league night, you’re likely very sore the next day in your lower back. Remember, your core isn’t just your abs.

Your core is made up of the four abdominal muscle groups, two long muscle groups in your back, along your spine, and the pelvic floor. This exercise stretches the extensor muscles in your back, providing some immediate relief to lower back soreness while building strength in those muscles.

Step 1

Start by laying flat on the floor on the front side of your body. With your body relaxed, bring your hands behind your head.

Exterior Core 1

Step 2

Keeping your fingertips light and your elbows wide, press your legs down and squeeze the muscles in your back to lift yourself up. Go to your highest point and hold the core stretch for as long as you can.

Exterior Core 2

Each time you do this core stretch, the goal should be to hold it a little longer.

Step 3

When you’re done core stretching, very carefully get yourself back into a seated position.

Exterior Core 3

Take your time. Returning to a seated or standing position slowly protects your spine from a sudden, unexpected injury. Besides, doing this core stretch quickly will not increase your average any faster.

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