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Drills for Improved Bowling Targeting and Versatility

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Duration:   7  mins

In sports such as bowling, the key to continuing to improve your game and reach higher levels of competition is versatility. If you can make the necessary adjustments to your stroke to accommodate changing lane conditions and find your target, you give yourself a better shot at reaching your goals.

That’s why bowling coaches stress the importance of practicing to become a more versatile player; the best bowlers are the ones who aren’t afraid to adjust their bowling targeting and technique when the lane conditions call for a change. In this lesson, we teach you some simple drills for better bowling targeting and tracking you can use to improve your versatility and confidently pull out the right shot when it matters most.

Drills to improve bowling targeting and versatility

Many bowlers may not understand how minor changes in hand position and power can drastically affect the outcome of their shot, especially when lane conditions start to change. To help demonstrate the difference a slight increase or decrease in ball rotation can have on your shot, we visit the coaches at McKendree University to learn how they are using an inexpensive bowling targeting system to train their players.

The coaches will show you how, with a simple PVC setup, the McKendree team is learning to pay attention to lane conditions during practice so they can pull out the appropriate shot change in competition play to better navigate oil patterns and find their target. And don’t worry, if you don’t have the capability of using this PVC rig, we give you a few alternatives you can employ to improve your bowling targeting and versatility.

Also in this demonstration you’ll discover additional bowling drills and tools to become a more versatile player and make the right changes to your stroke with confidence during competition. Through accurate bowling targeting and a minor adjustment to your rotation or ball speed, you’ll see noticeable differences in the outcome of each shot. Utilize these expert training techniques to learn how to be better at bowling and increase your average!

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