Scott Pohl

Drop Ring Finger and Sarge Easter Bowling Fits

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

Maybe you’ve heard them discussed on PBA telecasts, seen them online, or heard about them from a friend—Drop Ring Finger and Sarge Easter bowling ball fits are different specialty fits for specific needs. Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, says both bowling fits alleviate pressure and pain from a bowler’s hand.

Drop Ring Finger Fit

Is your ring finger not as flexible as your other fingers, or as flexible as it used to be? Is it becoming more difficult to stay behind the bowling ball? Is your ball spinning more than it is rolling? A Drop Ring Finger Fit makes the span shorter by drilling the ring finger hole about halfway to the knuckle and providing forward pitch in its angle.

Ring 1

Ring 2

There can be a bit of trial and error when honing this fit, but if you experience any of the above symptoms, it will alleviate the pain.

Sarge Easter Fit

Having issues with your ring finger or ring finger nail? Does your ring finger not bend properly? If you are experiencing these issues it is likely painful to bowl. The Sarge Easter Fit is designed to take away the pressure you’re feeling.

To achieve a Sarge Easter Fit, the middle finger is drilled fingertip grip and the ring finger is drilled conventional grip. You’ll notice right away that the ring finger hole is lower than the middle finger hole.

Ring 3

To achieve a conventional drilling for the ring finger, the hole has to be below the second knuckle.

Ring 4

This fit will cut down on axis rotation (spinning) and give you better ball reaction. When you begin to incorporate this fit you may notice less rev rate than you’re used too. With practice and an emphasis on lessening your grip pressure, you’ll have your rev rate back up in no time – without pressure or pain.

For more information on fit check out “Bowling Ball Fit and Grip Pressure” and improve your grip pressure with “Grip Control Exercise” from National Bowling Academy expert coaches who are dedicated to improving your game.

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