Essential Bowling Tips for Seniors

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Bowling is a game of minor adjustments, requiring great attention to detail and a cool head. Naturally, as a bowler matures and their style becomes second nature, there is a tendency to compound one bad habit with additional bad habits. We can battle back against those no-nos in older age by constantly working on our game, whether just starting out or as a veteran of the sport.

Basic bowling tips for seniors

For senior bowlers, it is especially important to correct any bad habits before they become too ingrained, as they can lead to poor form. To help senior bowlers adjust for a more consistent game, Team USA head coach Rod Ross and assistant coach Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss a few essential bowling tips for seniors.

Taking care of yourself

Over the years we slow down in a lot of aspects and, try as we might to fight it, we just can’t compete the same way we used to. For instance, many senior bowlers find that whereas they were once capable of bowling several times per week in multiple leagues, they’re limited to only one or two leagues and a single day per week of practice. To better prepare your body for the stresses of bowling, Kim emphasizes the importance of properly warming up and taking the time to make sure you feel loose. Stretching and easing into your first frame each time out will help you in the short and long term.

Training and lessons

Lastly, just because you’ve been competing for many years doesn’t mean you have to stop working on your game. Rod and Kim recommend having your coach find ways to work on your approach to make things easier on your body which hopefully will lead to bigger scores. No matter your age, you can always improve. These bowling tips for seniors will help lead the way.