Excessive Bowling Grip Pressure Warning Signs

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How do you know what the proper amount of grip pressure is, with the bowling ball in your hand, throughout a shot? As Coach Erik Vermilyea of Track explains, you need to have your grip pressure as light as possible, which means little to no squeezing. This will be different for everyone, so learn the warning signs that identify excess grip pressure, to better help limit it.


If you are excessively squeezing the bowling ball throughout the shot, you’ll find consistently making good shots difficult. You’ll want your thumbhole to be as tight as possible while still allowing you to release the ball.

If you experience callusing on the back or the front of your thumb, likely you are squeezing the bowling ball with too much pressure and it’s time to get your fit looked at by your pro shop operator.

Thumb Problems


Callusing on your fingers is another indicator that your fit needs adjusting. Depending on where the calluses are located, identifies what’s wrong with your fit. Communicating this with your pro shop operator is key to improving your fit.

Finger Problems

Continuing to bowl with these problems can lead to injury in your hand, elbow, and arm. Skin breaks that bleed and callusing are not supposed to happen when you throw a bowling ball. Climate can play a role in this happening, but if you regularly callus or bleed, get your fit checked out by your pro shop operator.

Check out “Bowling Ball Fit and Grip Pressure” and “Improve Your Grip Pressure with Wrist Exercises” for more on the subject from National Bowling Academy experts.